Who sings the best version of Bring Him Home

Who sings the best version of Bring Him Home
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Josh Groban always gives us the feels whenever he sings his songs, especially his Christian songs. His deep angelic voice can truly touch our hearts and souls. He can even make our eyes water. Perhaps, when he sings, it comes from the heart. He gives sincerity to each of his songs. “Bring Him Home” is one of those songs that can carry us away. The words and lyrics, as well as the harmony, can make us realize things. Also, it could make us say a little prayer.

“Bring Him Home” has the words and lyrics not directly depicting a prayer. Nevertheless, it gives us a picture of connecting with God by saying a prayer. Indeed, the words have it all. Josh Groban outpoured his emotion singing the song, too.

Bring Him Home…

Bernie Herms wrote the words and lyrics of “Bring Him Home.” Josh Groban released the song under his album “Stages.” On the other hand, the song was a soundtrack from the musical “Les Miserables.”

“Bring Him Home” is a reminder for people who tend to forget to connect with God. Also, the song can make us say our prayers, especially in our troubled times.

Who sings the best version of Bring Him Home
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Above all, we should be thankful to Godfor the life He has given us. As we live, we should do things according to His plan and according to what He would like us to do. God gave us life as an obligation. We all have responsibilities to fulfill as we live and we must do our part. Simple things like helping each other and loving every person around us. Also, respect should come first as we mingle with different individuals because loving, caring, and peace is what God would like to prevail.

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Music written byClaude-Michel SchönbergLyrics written byAlain Boublil, Herbert KretzmerLanguageEnglishISWC T-900.231.112-8 ASCAP, GEMA, ISWC
Comments Unlike other English language songs from the musical, "Les Miserables", this work was not originally adapted from a French work. Licensing Request a synchronization license

This composition was licensed with the help of SecondHandSongs on September 9, 2022 for a documentary on the war in Vietnam. A sync license was granted for 1 year festival use in worldwide.

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Bring Him Home

Who sings the best version of Bring Him Home


An adaptation is a musical work which uses most of the music or lyrics of another musical work.

  • Bring Him Home written by Herbert Kretzmer, Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schönberg English 1985
    • Otče náš written by Zdeněk Borovec Czech 1992
    • Natten og bring ham hjem written by Niels Brunse Danish 1992
    • Jean Valjeanin rukous written by Jukka Virtanen Finnish 1999
    • Bring Him Home written by Daniel Wyszogrodzki Polish


Title Performer Release date Info
Bring Him Home Colm Wilkinson First live performance on September 30, 1985
Bring Him Home Colm Wilkinson 1985 First release
Bring Him Home Michael Crawford with the London Symphony Orchestra 1987
Bring Him Home Anthony Warlow November 19, 1990
Bring Him Home Dave Willetts 1990
Bring Him Home Turtle Creek Chorale 1990 Live
Bring Him Home Barry Manilow 1991
Bring Him Home Ranee Lee March 10, 1992
Bring Him Home Jerry Hadley 1992
Bring Him Home Mandy Patinkin May 17, 1994
Bring Him Home Dennis DeYoung 1994
Bring Him Home Thomas Hampson 1996
Bring Him Home Peter Karrie 1996
Bring Him Home Michael Burgess 1997
Bring Him Home Joanne O'Brien and Lee Lessack 1998
Bring Him Home Jan Werner 1998
Bring Him Home Jesper Lundgaard 1998
Bring Him Home Steve Amerson 1998
Bring Him Home Johnny Mathis April 25, 2000
Bring Him Home Jennifer Manasseri November 2000
Bring Him Home Medley Donald Cant 2000 Medley
Bring Him Home Michael Ball 2001
Bring Him Home Daniel Rodriguez 2002
Bring Him Home Sean McDermott 2003
Bring Him Home Randal Keith April 2004
Bring Him Home Franc D'Ambrosio 2004
Bring Him Home Wing 2005
Bring Him Home André Schwartz 2005
Bring Him Home Elaine Paige October 30, 2006
Bring Him Home Brass Band Mg Rickenbach June 2008
Bring Him Home Vocal Spectrum July 2008 A cappella
Bring Him Home Nathan Temby November 18, 2008
Taps/Bring Him Home Phillip Boykin feat. Emile Pandolfi 2008 Live
Bring Him Home Phillip Boykin feat. Emile Pandolfi 2008 Live
Bring Him Home Keith Jack December 7, 2009
Bring Him Home John Owen-Jones December 2009
Bring Him Home Les Lankhorst with The Salina Symphony 2009
Bring Him Home Marcus Lovett 2009
Bring Him Home David Campbell April 2, 2010
Bring Him Home James Barbour April 2010
Bring Him Home Thomas Borchert October 2010
Bring Him Home Alfie Boe November 29, 2010 Live
Bring Him Home Colm Wilkinson, John Owen-Jones, Simon Bowman and Alfie Boe November 29, 2010 Live
Bring Him Home Cantor Deborah Jacobson 2010 Live
Bring Him Home Mike Janzen 2010
A Doll Sings the Guys - Willkommen // If I Were a Rich Man // Ya Got Trouble // Oh, What a Beautifu… Sandi Patty October 2011 Medley
Bring Him Home David Harris [AU] December 2011
Bring Him Home David Shannon [IE] 2011
Bring Him Home The Ten Tenors 2011
Bring Him Home John Owen-Jones featuring Catrin Finch April 16, 2012
Bring Him Home Eric Dodge August 2012
Bring Him Home Susan Boyle November 13, 2012
Bring Him Home Hugh Jackman January 15, 2013
Bring Him Home Mark Sanders [US2] March 2013
Bring Him Home Ferdinand Rennie & Leon van Leeuwenberg May 22, 2013
Bring Him Home Russell Watson feat. Claude-Michel Schönberg November 11, 2013
Bring Him Home Sol3 Mio November 15, 2013
Bring Him Home Glee Cast January 14, 2014
Bring Him Home Katie Hall April 28, 2014 Editor's cover song pick
Bring Him Home Collabro August 18, 2014
Les Miserables Medley Peter Hollens featuring Evynne Hollens October 27, 2014 A cappella
Bring Him Home Kristin Chenoweth November 17, 2014 Live
Bring Him Home Tom Gilchrist 2014
Bring Him Home Karl Loxley 2014
Bring Him Home Hugh Maynard March 2, 2015
Bring Him Home Josh Groban April 2015 Editor's cover song pick
Bring Him Home Daniel Koek May 2015
Bring Him Home Simon Gleeson July 10, 2015
Bring Him Home Geoffrey Andrews September 18, 2015
Bring Him Home Richard Woodford December 14, 2015
Bring Him Home Matthew Tyler 2015
Bring Him Home Hugo Sigal 2015 Unverified
Bring Him Home Luke Murgatroyd March 4, 2016
Bring Him Home Aliki [GB] April 15, 2016
Bring Him Home Jan-Tore Saltnes June 2016
Bring Him Home Tom Butwin July 8, 2016
Bring Him Home Jonathan Antoine August 19, 2016
Les Miserables Suite - feat. Bring Him Home, Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, I Dreamed a Dream Michael Ball - Alfie Boe October 28, 2016 Medley
Bring Him Home Michael Thomas Freeman March 10, 2017
Bring Him Home 7th Ave feat. Kelly Jakle March 11, 2017
Bring Him Home Paul Baker [GB] April 11, 2017
Bring Him Home Voctave May 15, 2017 A cappella
Bring Him Home John Cudia September 2017
Bring Him Home Paul Potts October 6, 2017
Bring Him Home Jonathan Estabrooks feat. Malinda Kathleen Reese November 14, 2017
Bring Him Home Greta Bradman, David Hobson, Lisa McCune, Teddy Tahu Rhodes 2017
Bring Him Home Lee Mead March 9, 2018
Bring Him Home Bruno Pelletier accompagné de Julie Lamontagne March 2018 Live
Bring Him Home Ben Clark May 8, 2018 Version from TV talent show
Bring Him Home Jared Halley November 2, 2018 A cappella
Bring Him Home Norm Lewis November 22, 2018
Bring Him Home Linda Eder 2018
Bring Him Home Sam Whitson May 2019
Bring Him Home Luke Evans November 22, 2019
Bring Him Home Lucie Jones September 25, 2020 Live
Les Misérables Medley Gentri April 2, 2021 Medley
Bring Him Home Tom Solomon December 10, 2021
Bring Him Home Brent Barrett, John Cudia, Franc D'Ambrosio, Ciarán Sheehan January 14, 2022 Live
Bring Him Home Mat Shaw February 27, 2022

Web covers

Who is considered the best Jean Valjean?

Colm Wilkinson. Arguably the most iconic and popular portrayal of Valjean out there, Wilkinson originated the role on the West End, reprised it for the original Broadway cast, and would later reprise it a few other times, most notably in the 1995 10th Anniversary “Dream Cast in Concert” production.

Who sang the original Bring Him Home?

This song is sung by Jean Val John in Les Miserables. It is sung at the barricades about Marius. Lets start off with Colm Wilkinson who was the original Val Jean in the West End and Broadway and was who the song was written for.

Why does Jean Valjean Sing Bring Him Home?

Valjean is praying (the song is a prayer) for the safe return of Marius to Cosette, his adopted daughter, after the student goes to fight with the revolutionaries.

Who has played Jean Valjean on stage?

Main performers.