Is Minecraft discontinued on Nintendo Switch?


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Hi, I have a Switch that has "Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition", and another Switch that I want to get it for so they can play together. I absolutely HATE the bedrock edition (bad UI, glitchy, forced auto save so I can't do something dangerous and reload, etc), but of course I can't play with those two versions together.

Since it's been discontinued, I thought to try finding it on eBay, but every title called "Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition" looks like it has the box art for the Bedrock edition and after buying a copy, sure enough, it looks idential to bedrock. Was it ever released onto a physical medium? Or was it only ever download only? If it is physical, somewhere, that makes it possible to buy, but does the cover art look different, or is it indistinguishable?

Alternatively, I found a few websites selling a digital code for it, and there was also a Switch bundle that included a download code for it, but if it's been removed from the eShop would those codes even work properly? Or would they just download the Bedrock edition? and, similarly, what happens if I delete the version I have? Would I be able to re-download it, or would it just download the Bedrock edition?

My Switch consoles are old enough that I could always pirate it, but I'd rather not. There must be a way to actually buy a game, right? Otherwise Nintendo would just be creating an argument in support of pirates for the current console generation. So is there any way to buy it?

Morpheel wrote:

Nope, it was never released physical, and it was removed from the eShop.

I know it was removed from eShop, and thanks for confirming it was never physical. It looks like people who bought it can still redownload it, so it is still on the eShop servers, so now the question is if Nintendo will honor a download code for the Switch Edition or not. If Nintendo makes you download the Bedrock when you use the code for the Switch Edition that could be potentially illegal, but the real question there would be who would be the one defrauding the customer: The store selling the download codes as the Switch Edition, or Nintendo.

Morpheel wrote:

Maybe just get used to bedrock. You imply you want the game for your children, so chances are they won't mind the bedrock ui.

Never gonna happen. Not unless Microsoft fixes it which is unlikely. If there are no options, aside from pirating I game I own, than this game will not be played on the Switch at all. Seriously, I actually did try it, and it is so bad that I've played clones that feel more like the real game than this.

EDIT: It looks like they are hosting a contest for a redesign of the UI, so I guess they recognize how bad it is, but it still means it won't be classic and doesn't imply having the same functionality as the old version, so I am still inclined to find a way around it being removed from the eShop removal.

This petition is a voice for those who want Mojang to bring back the legacy console edition for Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch.

After June 21st, 2018 "Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition" was discontinued on the eShop, effectively killing the game. Mojang has kept the options for previous owners to continue to download the game.

This is a real shame to the switch and gaming community as a whole. Millions of us have grown up on the console edition of Minecraft that was developed by 4J Studios. We hold very fond and nostalgic memories of this version of the game. Although the Bedrock edition of Minecraft can be a great thing, it is not a true substitute/upgrade from the console edition for many people. There is a very unique feel and look to the Console Edition of Minecraft that many of us still want to be able to experience. 

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition grants people the ability to play their favorite version of Minecraft on the go. Twenty-one million copies of Minecraft were sold on the Xbox 360 and countless others on the Wii U, Xbox One, PS4, and PS3. These sales represent millions of people who might love the ability to play their favorite version of Minecraft anywhere. Beyond just playing the version, if a person was dedicated enough they would be able to port their old worlds to the switch to truly play them the way they once did. The Switch Edition is special because it is the only truly portable version of the Minecraft Console Edition (aside from PS VITA). 

Discontinuing the Nintendo Switch Edtion of Minecraft only hurts Mojang and their fans. Allowing people to pay for this edition once again would give a great game back to the Minecraft community, and generate practically free money for Mojang/4J Studios. There is no harm done in allowing people to buy this version again. Keeping this game locked away harms the gaming community by taking a game away from them that they were once able to play. It is the opposite of conservation. We know that this edition will never be what Bedrock is, nor Java, but we are not asking for it to be. We would be happy if the game never got updated again. We simply want to play a version of the game that we love.

When the Nintendo Switch Edition was canceled, Mojang gave out the new Bedrock edition to existing owners of the Switch Edition. This was an incentive to get more players playing Bedrock. I feel that if Mojang did the reverse, by giving the Nintendo Switch Edition out for free to all Bedrock Edition owners (like a free DLC to all current and future owners of Bedrock), it would incentivize a great number of sales of the Bedrock Edition. If this is not possible, simply allowing the purchase of the Switch Edition once again would be sufficient.

Is Minecraft on Switch worth it 2022?

So, yeah, give Minecraft a shot in 2022. It's not just one of the bestselling games of all time, it's also well-maintained by developers and the community and remains an active place for all kinds of adventures, exploring, crafting, building, and much more.

Is Minecraft available on Switch?

Overall Minecraft for the nintendo switch is fun to play but has a couple of software problems that come with it and if your willing to deal with it then its really fun to play.

Is Minecraft 1.18 on the Switch?

32 (Android & Switch) A new update is available for Android devices and Nintendo Switch that addresses some issues that have occurred since the release of 1.18. 30.